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Jack Frost X Reader
(part 1)
Winter Wonder Land

plz enjoy c:

You were talking to your best friend Amy as you waited for your parents to pick you up from the last day of school. Since its close to summer you couldn't wait for summer to start. What makes it better is that your going up to the moutain in 3 days to stay there for a whole week. Because you live in Florida you never seen snow before, maybe on a cartoon or on the news, but never in it of felt it. You told you friend about how excited you were to be able to see snow for the first time just in a couple of days!

"I'm so happy for you,_____!" Amy said jumpping up and down. "Who know you may be able to see Jack Frost!" She then pinched you nose and it turned red. "See, he is nipping at your nose already!"

"Amy! Don't be silly! Please don't tell me you think those storys are real!" You said elbowing her. Amy gave a nod and smiled. "Of corse you do," You sighed. Then you remembered back when you were in 6th grade. You made a deal with Jack Frost to prove he  was real: "If it snows or gets near to snow, I'll know your real!" It did happen to get around 38'F, so you were sure that he was real

"Hey, ______, promis me you'll take pictures?" Amy asked.

"Of corse!" You told her, you would do anything for your best friend, so getting a picture is easy.

"Well my car is here. I'll see you in a few weeks ok!" Amy said running of to her car that was waiting for her. After her car drove you spotted yours, you walked to it. The wind pushed back your hair as you walked to your _______ car. You got in the back seat since your little brother was in the front. When you sat your seat was as cold as it could be, but you gave a wiggle and it warmmed up. Jack Frost sittin' in my seat i guess you thought.

You heard a little chuckly next to you but no one was there. You shrugged it off and arrived home to relax and get ready for your trip.


It was the day of your trip. You had to wake up at 6:30 so you could get to your plane ok time. Your morther rushed you to get in the car.

"We are getting burger king on the way ok?" Your morther told you. You just nodded and put your ear plugs in and drowned everything out but turning up the volume.
You finally got onto the plane, your brother made you sit on the window seat of the plane, you didn't care as long if you had your music.

"Hey, hey, hey, _____!" your brother called for you, right in your ear. Ever since the plane lifted your brother has been annoying you ever since.

"What?!" You hissed at him taking out your head phones.

"Whats that?" He pointed to outside the window to a bird. You just shook your head and answered him back.

"Its a bird, now will you please stop annoying me!" You told your brother. He nodded and you put your headphones back in and looked outside your window to see what was truely out there. You saw a man in a blue hoodie flying, with a large stick. You blinked severl times and looked back at your brother that was playing on his 3D DSI.
ill do more later cuz i gtg to bed
night night c:
jack frost (c) rotg
you (c) you ((DUH))

gotta love Jack frost c:
Jackfrostsbestie Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is different but still awesome!!
Lovergirlnice Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013   Artist
i luv it so far
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